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GreenIuronic: Bring your skin and joints health to the next-level

Welcome to the revolution in the hyaluronic acid market

GreenIuronic is the next-generation form of vegan hyaluronic acid, in fact, it is the first worldwide patented hyaluronic acid obtained from Tremella fuciformis mushroom. It combines the advantage of the animal-derived hyaluronic acids with the ethical perspective of the ones obtained from fermentation.

Indeed, if on one side it has a very high molecular weight, a great bioavailability and a close similarity with the hyaluronic acid found in our body, on the other it is 100% vegan and sustainable, offering a more ethical and cruelty-free product.

Its several delivery formats make GreenIuronic versatile, giving the opportunity to use it in both the nutraceuticals and cosmetic products, guaranteeing efficacy and safety.

Effective, Natural, Proven

Proven benefits of GreenIuronic

  • Able to efficiently pass the intestinal barrier
  • Scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and stimulate cell proliferation of chondrocytes
  • Helps to maintain cartilage health and homeostasis
  • Support keratinocytes regeneration, improving skin elasticity and reducing skin ageing
  • Enhances wound healing processes
At glance

Comparison with other HA

GreenIuronic offers a sustainable and versatile solution for both supplements and skincare, providing an eco-friendly alternative to animal-derived sources.

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Absorption evaluation

Enhancing Bioavailability through superior absorption

Researchers used a 3D model organoid system approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to mimic the human intestine. This system allowed them to compare how well GreenIuronic is absorbed by the intestinal lining compared to a fermented sodium hyaluronate.

Their findings showed that GreenIuronic is absorbed at a significantly higher rate compared to sodium Hyaluronate obtained by fermentation, which translates to greater bioavailability.

Technical information

  • Composition: >80% of vegan hyaluronic acid
  • Molecular weight: 1.500 - 4.000kDa

Recommended dosage

  • For joints benefit: 200mg/day
  • For skin health: 100mg/day

Available delivery formats:

GreenIuronic Delivery Formats