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The vegan revolution for skin and joint health

Welcome to a revolution in the hyaluronic acid market. Now Vivatis can offer you GreenIuronic® – the first patented vegan hyaluronic acid in the world.

GreenIuronic® has a lot of benefits for skin and joint health. It is obtained by extraction and not by fermentation. GreenIuronic® is therefore a non-novel food.

The one and only vegan Hyualuronic acid.

The high potential of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a big name not only in cosmetics, but also as a nutritional supplement. No wonder, because hyaluronic acid has a whole range of clinically proven benefits for skin and joint health.

All the benefits of Greeniuronic®

  • Demonstrates high cell viability and high biovailibity on intestinal barrier without toxic effects.
  • Increases cell viability on chrondrocyte cell line without toxic effects reducing inflammation process.
  • Maintains cartilage tissue homeostasis in cell line without toxic effects during joint damages.

The effectiveness of GreenIurionic® has been proven by several studies.

Choose from different delivery forms

The new vegan Greeniuronic® offers all of its benefits in different formats like tablet, capsule, powder and gummy.

SKIN: improves hydration

  • reduces wrinkles (anti-aging effect)
  • increases skin elasticity
  • improves wound healing
  • supports skin cell regeneration

Dosage: 100-300mg/day

JOINTS: improves overall mobility

  • reduces inflammation
  • increases lubrication
  • improves cartilage regeneration
  • supports cell proliferation

Dosage: 200-600mg/day

Greeniuronic® effect compared to other products

CaCo2 (intestinal cell) +78% +88% -23%
T/C-28a2 (chondrocytes) +57% +72% -15%
HFLS (Synoviocytes) +55% +75% -18%